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Do your bones feel achy? Do you feel weak or tired? Are you having trouble thinking clearly? These issues could all be caused by a vitamin D deficiency! Over one billion people are vitamin D deficient worldwide. This number is far too large and unknowingly to many people, with the right attention and care it can be easily fixed.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that is vital to your health and wellness. Vitamin D supports and strengthens your bones. Vitamin D also works to protect your bones of diseases and prevents the bones from softening. There are many diseases that vitamin D has been proven to prevent. The chances of acquiring cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and depression have all been proven to decline with the proper amount of vitamin D intake.

5 Ways To Increase Your Vitamin D Intake

Many people believe that vitamin D is no longer a necessary nutrient as you age, but it’s important for people of all ages to be getting the required amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D supports the growth and strengthening of the bones in young children. As you age, vitamin D works to keep your bones strong and prevents them from becoming fragile. In the young adult ages, vitamin D works to maintain healthy bones.

Vitamin D deficiency can go unnoticed for a while. It is important to check that you are getting enough vitamin D supplements so that the issue doesn’t go unnoticed for too long. Being aware of your body and the nutrients that you are in taking is important and vital to your health.

To make sure that you’re getting enough vitamin D, try these recommendations: Get More Sunshine

 Spend some more time outside in the sunlight! Your body will begin to produce vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. If you work indoors or spend a significant time indoors during the day, make sure that you are getting some time outdoors. Go for a walk outside in the afternoon or have lunch outdoors.

 Eat More Fish

Salmon, trout, and tuna are just some fish that contain high levels of vitamin D. These fish will give you a boost of vitamin D. One serving of certain fish will contain the daily-recommended intake of vitamin D.

Daily Vitamin

 A daily vitamin is a great way to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins every day. A daily multivitamin will contain a large percentage of the daily vitamin intake that is recommended. It can be hard to commit to getting enough of each vitamin on a daily basis. A multi-vitamin can help take the stress of getting enough vitamins every day easier!

 Oranges and Orange Juice

 Do you need a reason to drink more orange juice! The yummy fruit contains a significant amount of vitamin D. One serving of orange juice will supply your body with up to fifty percent of the daily-recommended intake of vitamin D.

 Milk, Milk, Milk

Milk is notorious for containing large amounts of vitamin D. Although milk contains significant amounts of vitamin D, it’s not on one of the most efficient ways to get your daily intake of the vitamin.  One serving of milk contains around one-fourth of the daily-recommended intake of vitamin D.

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