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As the weather warms up we make many changes to our daily routine! Winter wardrobes are swapped out for summer wardrobes, sunny days are spent at the beach or at the pool, and we spend more time outdoors.

Not only does our daily routine change when summer begins, but the air around us also changes. During the summer months, the warm temperatures result in higher levels of humidity in the air. Warm temperatures and heat cause the body to sweat more than it would during the colder winter months. Your skin can be affected by the increased amounts of sweat that you are experiencing throughout the summer months.

An increased amount of time spent outdoors and higher UV index scores during the summer months will also greatly affect your skin! Sun exposure can speed up the skin’s ageing process and damage your skin's fibres. Sun exposure causes our skin to produce more melanin. Increased melanin production will result in a discoloration and changes in the skin.

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As the seasons change, you should change your daily skin care routine! To help your skin adjust to the change in season, follow these skin care tips:

Keep Your Skin Clean

You sweat more during the summer months, which causes your skin to create more oils. To rid your face of unwanted oils, make sure you are giving your skin a deep clean daily. Purchase a cleanser that has anti-grease and anti-oil properties that will rid your face of unwanted oils and grease! Another way to fight grease and oil is to splash your face with water and clean off periodically throughout the day.

Protect Yourself From UV Rays

There are many ways to protect your face from the sun's rays while you are spending time outside during the summer months. You can start your daily skin care routine by applying sunscreen to your face to ensure your face is protected throughout the day. You can also use makeup foundation that has UV protection. Another way to fight off the sun's rays is to wear a hat throughout the day.


Throughout the summer months, it is important to remember to exfoliate your skin. Acne is caused by clogged pores, and exfoliating your skin will help to keep your pores clean. Exfoliating once or twice a week will ensure that your pores are clean and clear throughout the summer months.

Tone Your Skin

Adding a toner to your daily skin care routine during the summer months has many benefits for the skin. Applying a toner to your skin will rid your face of unwanted oils. Toner will help your pores to close and tighten, which will also make your pores much less visible. Your skin will be refreshed after you apply a toner.

Take Care Of Your Eyes And Lips

Don’t forget to take care of your eyes and lips this summer! Your eyes can also be greatly affected by the sun's UV rays. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun during the warm summer months. Apply lip balm to your lips frequently throughout the summer months. This will keep lips moisturised and protected from the sun!

Get Your Daily Dose Of Nutrients

Eating right and getting the recommended daily dose of vital nutrients will help your body better adjust to the change in weather. Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help your body to fight UV rays. Staying hydrated will also help your body’s functionality.

Switch To A Lighter Moisturiser

During the summer months, your skin needs a break from heavyweight hydration. Your skin is getting plenty of hydration from the humidity in the air, so summer is time to switch to a lightweight moisturiser. Although your skin doesn’t need a heavy moisturiser, it is still important to moisturise your face with a light moisturiser daily!

Cool Down Your Shower Temperature

Cooler showers in the summer will help to keep your skin healthy and moisturised. Warm water can cause your skin to dry out. Cool showers will help your skin to feel revitalised and healthy.

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